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Our professional pest control and home related services include free home termite and pest inspections, structural repair, moisture
control, and crawl space and attic insulation services. From French drains, vapor barriers and subfloor repairs, to structural
repairs, moisture control and home insulation services, we know how to help protect your home from foundation to roof.

At Priority Pest Services, we only hire the best pest control service inspectors, qualified pest exterminator technicians, and home
repair professionals who share our passion for professionalism, quality extermination, home preservation methods and top-notch
customer service. That way, when you choose us, you are guaranteed the highest levels of care and professionalism for your home and

The Priority Pest Services team has over 50 years of experience in the field of pest control and related home repairs. For us, being
just “good enough” is just not an option. That is why we work hard every day to assure we are your best top pick for quality pest
control services and home maintenance and preservation services in Hampton Roads and throughout Coastal Virginia. Choose us and let us make you our #1 Priority!